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  • The future of Lendsqr depends on open banking

    Open banking enables financial service providers and users to access real-time comprehensive data and insights, allowing them to make informed financial decisions. A major use case for this is lending. Consequently, for lending SaaS providers like Lendsqr, their ability to successfully optimize the loan process, improve underwriting and decrease lenders’ credit risk depends on open …

  • Authentication and authorization over “dumb” channels for open banking

    In Nigeria, incorporating FAPI with feature phones and channels not driven by internet has been a big concern, but OBN now has the answer. Read all about it on our latest blog post

  • How Open Banking will help businesses with money management

    A major challenge experienced by both SMEs, MSMEs and large businesses is determining how best to manage their money gotten from sales or other operations.   The reality is that many businesses leave money on the table by letting funds sit in their current accounts. Of course, the banks are more than happy for companies to …

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